Wine Cave

In 2008, the Wine Cave opened.... thick, curved wooden doors with heavy, black iron hinges mark an entrance to something special. The low-lit cave is lined with oak wine barrels on both sides. Beautifully etched in the stone walkway are several bible scriptures from the book of Romans, affectionately called “The Roman's Road to Salvation.” Angel carvings in the cave walls and three catacomb tasting rooms give the feeling of walking through an “Old World” cave with thousands of years of history within the walls. And the Christian iconography will make one think you are stepping back into biblical times. Three crystal chandeliers hang from the "Grand Hall" ceiling, with a replica of the Sistine Chapel's “Creation of Adam” painting by Michelangelo at the very center. The cave cellar is a first in Southern Oregon, but this goes beyond just a cellar for wines. The catacombs function as tasting rooms, where wine educators provide personal service to wine tasters as they are guided through a wine tasting journey, from whites to reds, each wine paired with an appetizer that makes the wine sing.