Estate & Vineyards

The Estate

Reustle – Prayer Rock Vineyards is located on 200 acres, a mile in from the Umpqua River, off a gravel road lined by Douglas Firs, and down a simple slope with stately views of vines, forestry, and imaginarium. It is a place where Wine Club Members frequent, recognized as old friends, tasting consistently high-quality, high-value, award-winning wines. As you walk  past the rows of lavendar up to the winery & cave you may spot a few roaming chickens that have made their way from the raised bed gardens. Standing on the courtyard in front of the winery provides great views of Romancing Rock and Prayer Rock vineyard. The new Winery and Wine Tasting Cave were built in 2008, modeled after old-European architecture. On top of the cave is the observation deck and amphitheater providing great venues for music and relaxation as well as stately views of the vineyards.


The Vineyards

There are two vineyards on the estate Romancing Rock and Prayer Rock, both rocks are located at the steepest parts of the vineyard... some places in excess of a 35% grade. 14 different varietals are planted according to slope, soil, aspect and general terroir of the vineyards. Great wine begins in the vineyard.


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