Red Wines

2015 Pinot Noir

"Reustle-Prayer Rock Vineyards 2015 Pinot Noir, Umpqua Valley. Notes of raspberry, vanilla, cherry, rich, earthy, toasty, feminine, cherry cola, smooth pallete, strawberry, and soft french oak.


2015 Pinot Noir Reserve

Masculine, structured tannins, rich, soft French oak, toasty, cherry cola, balanced, expressive, raspberry, smooth palate, age-worthy, red currant.


2016 Pinot Noir Reserve

Soft french oak, toasty, cherry cola, balanced, rich, expressive, raspberry, smooth palate, age-worthy, masculine, red currant, structured tannins.

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2015 Tempranillo

Cherry, smoky, earthy, balanced, youthful tannins, dates, cocoa powder, vanilla, medium bodied, tobacco, campfire, smooth palate, toasted oak, garnet red, age-worthy, acidity.


2015 Tempranillo Reserve

Smooth palate, tobacco, black currant, cassis, acidity, medium-bodied, incense, structure, complex dark fruit, earthy, leather, chewy tannins.


2015 Syrah Reserve

Black currant, firm tannins, black cherry, vanilla, scorched earth, vanilla, licorice, toasty, plum, smoke, dark berry, coffee, roasted meat, cocoa, balanced, spice, cigar box, deep purple, black pepper, opaque, age-worthy, black olive, menthol.

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2015 Malbec

Smooth palate, tri-berry, earthy, medium-bodied, viscous mouthfeel, vanilla incense, acidity, rich, warm spice, soft French oak, blue fruit.

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2014 Merlot

Red fruit, vanilla, acidity, age worthy, deep garnet, stoniness, earthy, smooth palate, medium bodied, dark berry.


2014 Trinity

This wine is a proprietary blend of three red varietals in equal portions (one barrel each). This is our fourth vintage of our Trinity Blend and it maintains its status as one of the best wines we have made! S.D.G....

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2016 Grenache

Grenache is the dominant variety in most southern Rhone wines. On our label you see "Hebron Bloc." The Bible tells us that the men sent by Moses to spy out the land (Hebron) hauled back "grapes" with clusters so large...