Since 2009, Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyards has received over 460 Awards in National and International Wine Competitions.

In addition to multple medals for individual wines Reustle-Prayer Rock Vineyards won the 2015 Riverside Wine Competition  the "Terroir Trophy" for the winery with the best regional character in its wines.

The Highlight for  2015 came when  Resutle-Prayer Rock Vineyards 2012 Syrah was chosen as the Top Syrah at the 6 Nations Wine Challenge in Australia (click here for details).

At the 2010 Riverside International Wine competition, Reustle – Prayer Rock Vineyards achieved world-wide recognition... forty-three judges from around the U.S. evaluated 1,923 wines awarding Reustle – Prayer Rock Vineyards  'Small Winery of the Year'. Reustle received nine medals (silver or better) on its ten entries, three of which earned unanimous votes for golds. The acclaim prompted Dan Berger, Chairman of the Riverside competition, to say this about Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyards.
"It is clear that the wines from your property are reaching heights most wine lovers cannot appreciate until they taste them. We hope this award 2010 Small Winery of the Year indicates that you are at the forefront of this quality move for the Umpqua Valley.”

At the 2012 Monterey Wine Competition, the 2010 Syrah Reserve won "Best Syrah of Competition".  Our winery was also runner-up for winery of the year.