Our Wines

100% Estate grown and produced on 40 acres of hillside vineyards. 2010 Small Winery of the Year, Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyards is located on steep, south-facing slopes in a cool hidden valley of the Umpqua. The vineyards’ varied soil and climate produce a dense yet delicate richness adding to the wine’s complexity. Gentle handling at all stages of vinification help produce small lots of ultra-premium wine that express the personality of the vineyard.

Winemaking Ideology:
"We will not grow beyond our ability to handcraft and manage Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyards as a family. If we are dissatisfied with the quality of the fruit from a given bloc or barrel in a given year we simply won't produce the wine under our label. We will declassify it. There is no substitute for low yields, careful clonal selection viticultural and enological best practices. We are sensitive to high alcohol levels and overripe fruit flavors. We prefer wines of finesse, balance and length. We find high alcohol a detriment to the marriage of food and wine. We don't make wine for competitions, ratings or trends. We make the kind of wine we most like to drink at home around the dinner table with family and friends."

Stephen M. Reustle, Winemaker